Cherokee Preservation Foundation publishes a regular newsletter to keep grantees, community members and others informed about the Foundation’s activities.

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April 2013 -- This issue includes information about the Foundation's Spring 2013 grants, a simpler grant application being developed for community clubs, the Cherokee Day of Caring and the Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program's recruitment of college undergraduates for the 2013/14 program.

December 2012 -- This issue focused on the Coulter Leadership Program for residents of Western North Carolina the Foundation is developing with others in the region.

November 2012 -- This issue announced the selection of Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle as the new executive director of Cherokee Preservation Foundation.

September 2012 -- This issue includes information about a new interactive report about place-based grantmaking the Foundation has created that is titled From Transactional to Transformational, as well as articles about the winners of the Community Photo Contest, the Skill Builder Fall schedule, and the Cherokee Youth Council.

August 2012 -- This issue includes information about the Foundation's search for a new executive direction and application guidelines, as well as details about the reception at which Community Photo Contest winners were announced.

July 2012 -- This issue includes articles about Cherokee culture being at the root of the EBCI's commitment to a healthy environment, the Foundation's Community Photo Contest guidelines, and a link to a Carolina Public Press article about the Foundation.

Spring 2012 -- This issue includes articles about Cherokee Preservation Foundation's 10th anniversary, the Greater Cherokee Tourism Council, the vermicomposting community project of the Jones-Bowman Fellows, Cherokee High School's first business plan competition, the upcoming Costa Rica eco-study tour, and some cost-saving, eco-friendly measures that have been implemented by CPFdn's staff.

Fall 2011 – This issue includes an article about the rising use of solar power in Cherokee, a remembrance of the late Dr. Myron “Barney” Coulter, the founding chair of Cherokee Preservation Foundation’s board, and news about The Right Path adult leadership program. It also features stories about the Foundation’s new web site, the youth-oriented Seven Clans Grant Council and the selection of the Charlie Myers, the Foundation’s associate director of strategic initiatives and planning, as a Hull Fellow.

Summer 2011 – This issue includes articles about former Governor Jim Hunt’s visit to Cherokee to see how Cherokee Preservation Foundation has invested in cultural preservation, economic development and environmental preservation over the past decade, the progress of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on the Qualla Boundary, an upcoming workshop that will help grantees understand the results-orientation of the Foundation’s new grant application, the complete Skill Builder course Fall line-up, the Cherokee Day of Caring, the participation of a young man involved in the Snowbird community’s language program in the 75th anniversary celebration of Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, the EBCI’s and Foundation’s participation in a W.K. Kellogg Foundation convening about racial healing, and the new Oconaluftee Visitor Center.

March 2011 – This issue includes stories about the Center for Cherokee Plants and how it is helping Cherokee growers save traditional Cherokee vegetables from extinction, a prestigious honor received by EBCI master basket weaver Lucille Lossiah, the national recognition received by the Tribe's financial literacy program for EBCI youth and families, the healthy living segment of The Right Path (the culture-based adult leadership development initiative created by the Foundation and members of the community), and an update of the Foundation's strategic plan in which we have put a renewed focus on measurement of grantee success. .

December 2010 – This issue includes stories about a project to map ancient Cherokee trails, a competition involving students who developed technology applications for learning, an upcoming program for Cherokee pre-schoolers, and the success the Cherokee Youth Council is having in drawing viewers to the film it produced about teen pregnancy. The newsletter also describes several Foundation initiatives, including a new leadership development program for adult members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, support for the Jones-Bowman leadership program for college undergraduates, and the artist exchange experience of a Cherokee storyteller who traveled to Maine.

August 2010 – This issue includes stories about work the Sequoyah Fund and Cherokee Preservation Foundation are doing to build entrepreneurship on the Qualla Boundary and in surrounding counties, a film about teenage pregnancy produced by the members of the Cherokee Youth Council, the Cherokee Day of Caring, an artist exchange involving members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and tribes in New England, the Cherokee Indian Hospital’s efforts to create a more welcoming and culturally oriented place for the community, and the new undergraduate students chosen to participate in the Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program.

January 2010 – This issue includes stories about a Foundation grant that is enabling the Oconaluftee Institute of Cultural Arts to establish a culturally significant letterpress studio, another grant that will make it possible for Haywood Community College to offer low impact development courses to local builders online, the Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program, a collaborative effort in which seven Tribal buildings have been targeted for energy consumption reduction of at least 30 percent, a social media survey Cherokee Preservation Foundation is about to conduct, a new book about Cherokee basketry, and a program to preserve the Eastern Band’s local supply of ramps.

August 2009 – This issue includes stories about a convening to develop a leadership program for adult members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the 2009 Cherokee Day of Caring, the undergraduate students selected to participate in the 2009 Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program, the Center for Native Health, Cherokee Preservation Foundation’s investment in the new Cherokee School Campus, the Cherokee Youth Council’s plan for a teen pregnancy video reflecting Cherokee and youth perspectives, and a visit to Cherokee by Native Americans in Philanthropy.

March 2009 – This issue includes stories about about CPFdn’s involvement in regional collaborations to help nonprofits weather difficulties brought about by the recession, energy audits CPFdn is funding to help the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, copperworking and bison yarn programs driven by the RTCAR (Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources) initiative, the preservation of Judaculla Rock in Jackson County, the growth of the Oconaluftee Institute for the Cultural Arts, and the deadline that is drawing near for the 2009 Jones-Bowman Leadership Award program.

November 2008 – This issue includes stories about CPFdn’s Fall grant awards (35 grants totaling $2.2 million), the clean energy and green agenda that the Cherokee community is pursuing on the Qualla Boundary, the Foundation’s new grant policies, the next phase of the Mountain Landscapes initiative, the results being achieved by the Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources (RTCAR) initiative, and the first young leaders participating in the new Jones-Bowman Leadership Award program.

July 2008 –This issue includes stories about adult and youth efforts to create a healthy, sustainable environment on the Qualla Boundary, a regional effort to understand and address mountain land use planning challenges, the official opening of Riverwalk at Riverbend, a program enabling participating retailers in the Cherokee business and cultural districts to improve their marketing and visual display skills, Cherokee Days at the Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center, and the Cherokee Day of Caring.

March 2008 –This issue includes stories about Cherokee youth, including a recycling education program, an exhibition at the Grove Arcade ARTS & Heritage Gallery presenting the works of Cherokee High School students, youth workshops that involved youth in planning efforts for the Hwy. 441 Corridor, a tutoring program connecting Cherokee elementary school students with Western Carolina University students, a science camp in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and conversations engaging teenagers about what’s needed to help the region encourage youth leadership skills, desirable jobs and youth-friendly communities.

November 2007 – This issue includes stories about CPFdn’s fall grants, Qualla-T customer service training offering by the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce, an energy tour organized by CPFdn to generate sustainable energy program ideas for the Tribe and the region, Cherokee Friends, the Cherokee Youth Council, a marketing workshop for artists sponsored by CPFdn and Oconaluftee Institute for Cultural Arts, and a Western Regional Educational Services Alliance conference that focused on technology in the classroom.

June 2007 - This issue includes stories about the dedication of a trail to Spikebuck Mound, Cherokee Day of Caring, CPFdn’s new ga-du-gi 2007 community report, the Foundation’s annual Community Celebration, recent events that emphasize the EBCI’s commitment to revitalizing the Cherokee language, the upcoming opening of the “Emissaries of Peace” exhibit at the Smithsonian, a new brochure written by the Tribal Historic Preservation Office of the EBCI and the North Carolina Office of Archives about the Rutherford expedition in 1776, the recent Cherokee Culture Weekend, and an award CPFdn received for its role in funding the award-winning marketing campaign of the Cherokee cultural attractions.

January 2007 - This issue includes stories about a study commissioned by CPFdn called Arm in Arm: Engaged Grantmaking in Local Communities, the Sequoyah Fund, training options offered to nonprofits through the WNC Partners for Nonprofit Success (of which CPFdn is a sponsor), a youth-driven recycling program and WCU’s Theatre in Education program.

August 2006 – This issue includes stories about the Cherokee language revitalization effort, a research report that profiles visitors coming to western North Carolina, a new approach to learning at Cherokee High School, and an eco-study tour in Costa Rica involving Cherokee and other students in the region.

May 2006 — This issue includes stories about Cherokee Day of Caring 2006, Spring 2006 grants, a tribute to the late Jim Bowman, guidance to grantees about how to acknowledge support from CPFdn in their communications programs, the Foundation’s ga-du-gi 2006 community report, and CPFdn’s 2006 community celebration.

February 2006 — This issue includes stories about the Heart of Cherokee, new staff members, and a new regional exhibit at the Grove Arcade in Asheville.


October 2005 — This issue includes stories about Fall 2005 grants and CPFdn’s economic development initiatives.